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PG Valor's Partner Fundraising Details

Do the Valor provide tools and resources to help?

Yes! PG Valor gives you a complete roadmap to success and provides just about everything including tickets, posters, flyers, eblasts, promotional videos, a step-by-step planning guide and ongoing tips and support.  We are an email or phone call away to help! PG Valor will also support by sharing your partnership with our supporters.

What do tickets cost?

Excluding those listed below, the tickets will be sold to your adult supporters for $10. Up to two (2) Youth ages 0-13 years old are permitted to attend the game at NO CHARGE when accompanied by a paying adult. Please note that tickets are in the bleachers and partner fundraising tickets do not include courtside seats. Courtside seats may ONLY BE PURCHASED FOR REGULAR PRICE AND FROM PG VALOR SPORTS, LLC. There is access for those who identify with having a disability.

Faith and Family Night: Pastor and their family (up to 4 additional) and all clergy are admitted free of charge. 

Military and First Responder Night: All active, retired and disabled service members, firefighters, law enforcement officers, paramedic, emergency medical technicians, hospital employees and their family members (up to 4 additional)

Youth in Sports Night: All players, officially listed coaches (no parent assistant coaches), cheerleaders, pom poms, dance, majorette and band members are admitted at no charge

Ladies’ Night: All females and those who identify as female will be admitted at no charge.

International Night: Anyone who is wearing their country’s flag will be admitted at no charge.

Greek and Education Night: All Frats and Soros in their fraternity and sorority apparel will be admitted at no charge.

Health and Fitness Night: TBD

Old School vs New School Night: Anyone dressed in old school attire from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s will be admitted at no charge.


Should we do electronic or printed tickets, or a signup sheet?

The best decision is really your decision and should be based on the amount of time and potential reach of supporters that you have. What does that mean?  

Online signup form: this is great if you know how to use Google Docs. Simply create a sign up form and follow up to collect payment. This method creates a spreadsheet based off of the responses collected from your form.

Multiple supporter signup form: if you plan to have a person in the vestibule, or another place on site, have supporters to come up pay and you record at minimal their name, number of tickets, amount due, amount paid etc. 

Single printed signup form: if you plan to distribute signup forms and have purchasers return by mailing, dropping off, placing in offering baskets, box in safe area, we would suggest that you request these forms be placed in a sealed envelope. 

The signup forms serve multiple purposes are also great ways for you to collect emails and phone numbers to create or update a contact/email/eblast list. 

Electronic tickets: this is an alternative to handing out printed tickets. PG Valor can (or you) create a custom ticket voucher to be distributed to your supporters. We just ask that you email us a copy for our files so that we can know what to expect on game day.  

Printed tickets: Please contact us to discuss this option in more details. Ideally you collect the funds for the tickets and then have a day for pick up.

Where do we sell tickets?

  • At your location

  • Featuring your event on your website

  • Using an email campaign

  • Posting on social media

  • Phone calls

  • Mass texting

  • Livestream events

  • Direct mail

  • Other Media

  • Print advertising


In addition to announcing your participation in your game night, we suggest emailing members of your organization and posting a sign in a visible location as a reminder. 

Encourage members of your organization to spread the word to their family, friends, coworkers, neighbors etc. via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, IG, Tik Tok before the game and after the game. During the game PG Valor announcers will encourage attendees to share their location and experience.


Just remember to make it easy and keep the ticket buying process simple for your supporters.

When is the money do?

Monies due to PG Valor Sports, LLC are due at least 14 days prior to the date of the game your organization is attending. Please note that although PG Valor Basketball Team tickets may be purchased at the door on game day, tickets may not be sold at the door or in the parking lot or any other areas on campus for your organization. There is a lot that happens on gameday and we want to make sure that all attendees are able to enter the gym in a safe and timely manner.

Is there audience involvement?

Yes! Our events are filled with clapping, laughing, dancing, and cheering. Kids, teens, adults and grandparents are a part of creating the excitement. This is not just a spectator event but rather something you feel. Kids, teens and adults are often invited onto the court for in-game contest like dance battles, trivia games, basketball shooting competitions, and more! We also give a FREE RAFFLE TICKET to all attendees for an opportunity to SPIN THE VALOR WHEEL OF FORTUNE at no additional charge. There is also a separate opportunity to win 50% of the cash money from attendees purchasing a 50/50 raffle ticket. That means that the winner will get to take home half of the monies brought in from 50/50 raffle ticket purchases.

Signing Up is Easy!

1. Email us

Be sure to let us know if you would like custom printed, electronic tickets or a signup sheet and tickets be placed at "will call" for your attendees.

2. Get your custom tickets or sign up sheet

3. Sell your tickets

4. Collect money

5. Keep 50%

6. Turn in 50% at least 14 days before the date of the game that you are attending.

7. Enjoy game day and tell others!

Other FYIs:

PG Valor Basketball Team competes in the American Basketball Association (ABA).


The gym has 9 sections and holds approximately and safely 1000 people.

We will assign a section to your group. However, attendees may sit in other areas of the gym-excluding courtside (unless they purchase a courtside seat)

Face mask are required of attendees in addition to social distancing. 

Games are at 5pm on 7 Sundays and 1 Saturday for this season. 

Your supporters may purchase tickets to other games via various ticket selling outlets or choose to support other organization's fundraising opportunities.

 Sun. 11/13/22  Military First Responders Appreciation Night

Sun. 12/4/22  Youth in Sports Night

Sun. 12/11/22  Faith and Family Night

Sun. 1/8/23  Old School vs New School Night


Sun. 1/15/23  Greek and Education Night

Sun. 1/29/23 International Night

Sun. 2/12/23 Health, Fitness and Game Night

Sat.  2/18/23 Ladies' Night

We plan to have vendors in the vestibule at games. If you or someone that you know is interested in vending, please let us know by emailing us:

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