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Hello PG Valor Family!


Your PG Valor Basketball Team is back again with and for another exciting season. It is hard to believe that the season starts in just around three months (November). As we are in the process of scheduling opponents and in preparation of the up and coming season, we are now beginning to schedule performances for half time. We will once again play on the campus of PGCC located at 301 Largo Road, Upper Marlboro, MD. Tip off is at 5pm!  Our new coach is JR Pinnock (formerly of the Dallas Mavs and LA Lakers. Here is his Wikipedia link: So your organization will be able to meet and greet him and the professional PG Valor Basketball Team players. This in addition to our prize wheel being "lit", vendors and various other in game contests and events.  How exciting!


Oh...and the opportunity to raise funds for your organization is back!  


Please see the flyer below for more details on available dates, the themes of the night, and how securing money for your organization works.


Reminder: the gym holds approximately 1000 people and based on the number of tickets that your organization sells - You may have your own section of the gym.

Remember all performers and coaches get in for free...just your supporters need tickets.


Thank you in advance and we look forward to partnering with you this season!

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