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A.S.A.P. Awards

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Have you noticed or been impacted by an individual, group, business or organization doing their part to make our community better?


We want to know about those persons/organizations who are helping A.S.A.P. (America Solve America's Problems) in the Prince George's County, MD community. 

At our home games this season we will recognize 36 of those persons/organizations etc.  (4 per home game).

But we need your help in identifying them, so please do so by filling out the nomination form. We will then review the information of each nominee.

Those selected will be honored during the game with the most relatable theme night 

with a certificate of recognition; and we will feature them on our social media, website, newsletter, game day booklet and in news releases. 

Thank you in advance!

Ideal nominees:

  • Individuals​

  • Teachers

  • Veterans organizations

  • Service clubs

  • Churches

    • Pastors

    • Ministry Leaders

    • Ministries

  • Not-for-profits

  • Missions

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Minority organizations

  • Shelters

  • Youth organizations

  • Elderly organizations

  • Male organizations

  • Women's organizations

  • International organizations

  • Local heroes

  • Organizations for homeless

  • Food banks/organizations

  • Job/Career organizations

  • Public safety/violence prevention organizations

  • Transportation organizations

This list is not all inclusive and not the only A.S.A.P. categories that we are interested in hearing about.

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